From the beginning, Joe Miklosi stood as the voice of reason on the Judiciary Committee for reasonable regulations for patients, doctors and small business owners. He has repeatedly voted to defeat the DUID bills.

This year, as Minority Leader of the House, Sal Pace whipped his caucus into shape helping us gain 15 new ‘no’ votes on the DUID bill, making it far more difficult for the bill to ever see the light of day again. Sal also sponsored legislation that would have added PTSD to the list of conditions for which MMJ can be recommended.

We need leaders like these on our side in Congress.
Please join the Medical Cannabis Community for a fundraiser in honor of Joe Miklosi and Sal Pace.

Monday, July 16
6:30 p.m.
700 W. 11th St. in Denver

Suggested Contribution Levels:
$100 for EACH Candidates
{Contributions are not required but are much appreciated at any level}

Checks should be made separately to “Sal Pace for Congress” and “Joe Miklosi for Congress”. Cash is also accepted.
Contributions or gifts to either campaign are not tax-deductible.
Corporate contributions cannot be accepted.

Questions or RSVP to

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