Last night the Denver City Council passed the ban on outdoor advertising. But that is not the end of the story. Many members of both Cannabis Business Alliance and ACT4CO spoke about the need for amendments and we will be working together to ensure that only repeat offenders to the ordinance will have their licenses at risk. The council also went on record that it is not their intent that marketing materials (t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc) and participation in non-charity public events are also allowed under certain circumstances. They did acknowledge that this is subjective and will be the determination of the code enforcement officer, but that it will only be enforced if a complaint is made.

Both the proponents of the ordinance (MMIG & UFCW) and opponents (CBA, ACT4CO, and over a dozen business owners there) all agreed that in your face sign-spinners are a scourge on our industry. Our differences came in how do address that problem. CBAs approach has always been less government regulation and more self-regulation. We won’t burn the village just to kill the idiot. Unfortunately, because of handful business owners using aggressive tactics, the entire industry in Denver has to deal with the consequences.

So here’s our call to action. Sometimes change is incremental. And we need more voices at the table. Do you agree with our positions and approach? Then become a member. Responsible business owners must band together so the public sees more of us and less of the bad apples (and there have been plenty of those lately). This industry has gotten a very bad rap lately. Can you still afford to stand alone? Join us now.

The Denver Channel did a great piece on the lead-up and follow-up to the vote.

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