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Promoting an Industry Best Practices Model for Self-Regulation

Government regulation alone will not quell public concerns with the recreational and medical marijuana industry nor create trust with elected officials, regulators, and members of the communities in which we serve. The Cannabis Business Alliance works with all sectors of the marijuana industry to develop and advance an industry Best Practices Model. CBA’s Best Practices Model demonstrates that credible, accountable, transparent self-regulation programs, based upon Best Practices and working in concert with state and local regulations, work best to advance the shared interests of our clients, our patients and our businesses.

Responsible Vendor Program

The Cannabis Business Alliance has contracted with an expert in the alcohol beverage industry to create the first medical and recreational marijuana Responsible Vendor (RV) program in the country.

A responsible vendor program has been in place in Colorado since 2004 for the sale of alcoholic beverages.  It has proven to be successful in preventing the misuse, illegal use, and abuse of alcohol in our state by setting standards for vendors and their employees and customers regarding selling, serving, and consuming beverage alcohol.  The program is not mandatory for obtaining a license, but it is a “best practices” model and CBA believes it can serve as successful template for ensuring the responsible sale of medical and recreational marijuana for the businesses that participate in to the program.


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