November was a successful month for the Cannabis industry. Not only did Pueblo residents resoundingly defeat Ballot Measure 200, but Denver residents continued to lead the way by approving social use with Ballot Measure 300. Additionally, cannabis prohibition continued to be rolled back, with four states voting positively to approve Cannabis for adult-use (California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada), and four states voting to allow Medical Marijuana use (Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana). CBA board members including Executive Director Mark Malone provided perspective on the Ballot results to the press, and CBA serviced a a statement, which can be viewed here. As legalization efforts across the country continue to open new markets, we look forward to providing resources, access, and advocacy to an increasingly diverse membership.

Looking ahead to December, we’re rounding out 2016 will a handful of events and meetings, including a “Lunch & Learn” with newly elected legislators.   

CBA 2017 Legislative Goals:

  • Potency Education
  • Harmonizing Medical and Recreational rules, ie 70/30 rule, MIP to MIP transfers and vertical integration
  • Regulations for grey market
  • Create another option for "hot" product to be filtered or distilled instead of being destroyed

Member Spotlight: Craft Concentrates

“Craft joined CBA because it was by far the most cost effective way to stay on top of regulatory and political affairs within the industry. It also gives us a legitimate voice in legislation and during rule making.” - Kevin Gallagher, Craft Concentrates

Click here to learn more about CBA Member, Craft.

CBA Resources:

Leading up to the 2016 election, the CBA developed a Debunking the Myths Fact Sheet, including sources, to address myths that have been circulating about cannabis potency. View the Fact Sheet here: Debunking the Myths: Potency

Media Coverage Highlights:

December Member Events: 

Meetings and Networking Events

  • Membership Meeting: Legislative Committee Focus
    • December 13, 2016
    • Updates on some Medical legislation and Caregiver Market
    • Guest Speakers: Julie Berliner and Stephanie Hopper will be present for input on the next packaging and labeling MED meeting
    • Discussion on our initiative - Should we spearhead giving the industry the option to filter/distill hot product instead of just destroying product
  • Membership Meeting: Membership Focus
    • December 20, 2016
    • Insurance guest speaker
    • Discuss membership wants and needs
    • Discuss and finalize membership benefits (member to member discounts, consultations)
    • Address an member MED issues
  • Networking Event
    • Our next networking event will be held the week of January 9, 2016. Details on date, time, and location to follow. 

Industry Events:

Cannabis Business Times presents the Cannabis 2017 Cultivation Conference!

Cannabis 2017 is where professional cultivation meets technology and business management.

It is:

  • where cultivators come to network and learn the best cultivation techniques from the industry's brightest minds.

  • where business owners learn strategies for success from some of the smartest and most innovative businesses in the world.

  • where anyone in cannabis cultivation goes to find products and solutions to help them grow better, smarter, faster and more profitably.

CBA members can access the conference at a discounted rate of $400! To access this special CBA Member rate, please register at the link below:  

Cannabis 2017 is different than any other event in the market. In addition to its unique combination of educational programming on both cultivation and business management, it has been developed by cultivators for cultivators.

This year's event is chaired by Kenneth Morrow, one of the most respected names in cannabis cultivation and extraction. The conference advisory board is comprised of cultivators and business owners (and those who are both) who were carefully selected for their level of achievement/success, their passion for the plant and vision for the advancement of the professional cannabis cultivation market. Their expertise has been invaluable in crafting an educational program that will provide you with ideas and strategies you can implement today, as well as views of the future of the industry that will help you make more-informed business decisions tomorrow.

Cannabis 2017 also features an exhibit hall filled with industry-leading businesses that provide the latest technology and solutions for the professional cannabis cultivator.

Learn more: