March marks the halfway point for Colorado’s General Assembly 2017 Session. Several important cannabis bills are under consideration, and the Cannabis Business Alliance continues to be actively engaged at the Capitol to ensure positive outcomes for our industry.  At the municipal level, Denver is currently considering extending dispensary operating hours from the current close time of 7pm to be more in line with neighboring communities, such as Edgewater, which allows dispensaries to remain open until 12 midnight. It is critical that the industry supports this effort, since opposition efforts from SMART have employed an email campaign against extending hours of operation. The Denver City Council will hold its next Public Meeting about Marijuana Special Issues specifically on the extension of business hours on Monday, April 3, from 3-4:30pm. The Council wants to hear testimony from non-industry business owners and residents, so please fire up your networks and have them come to this important public meeting. Cannabis businesses deserve to be treated like any other retail establishment.

Join us at our our next membership meeting, TODAY, Wednesday, March 22 @ 12noon, for a legislative update. For more information or questions about membership, please contact  

Membership Meeting:

  • Date/time: Wed., March 22, 2017, 12-1:30pm

  • Location: ERB Supply; 555 W 48th Ave., Suite D; Denver, CO 80216

  • Phone: (712) 451-0000; Access Pin: 558053


“What’s Happening on The Hill” Legislative Update:

  • Medical Marijuana License Issues (HB17-1034): Concerning licensing changes to the medical marijuana code to align  with the retail marijuana code. Allows medical MIP to MIP transfers. Approved by both sides and signed by the Governor on 3/16/17.

  • Unlawful Marijuana Advertising Bill (SB17-015): Makes advertising of an unlicensed marijuana product (ie, Craig’s List) a level 2 drug misdemeanor. Senate considered House Amendments; result was to concur; repass 3/7/17.

  • Allow Medical MJ Use For Stress Disorders Bill (SB17-017): Adds acute stress disorder and PTSD to the list of debilitating medical conditions for the purposes of the use of medical marijuana. House second reading has been laid over to 3/23/17.

  • The Marijuana Education Materials Resource Bank Bill (SB17-025): Directs the department of education to create and maintain a resource bank for public schools to use without charge that consists of materials pertaining to marijuana use. The bill authorizes resource bank expenses to be paid from the marijuana tax cash fund. Introduced in the House; assigned to Public Health Care & Human Services on 2/6/17.

  • Medical Marijuana Inventory Shortfall Fixes (SB17-111): Currently a MMJ center can sell to or buy from other MMJ licensees up to 30% of its inventory. This changes the 30% limit to 50%. Senate Second Reading passed on 3/21/17.

  • Marijuana Business Efficiency Measures (SB17-192): Allows a MMJ center and retail store to apply for an endorsement that allows the center or store to deliver marijuana. Senate Committee on Finance Refer amended to Appropriations (3/16/17).

  • Marijuana Clubs Open and Public Use (SB17-184): Creates a marijuana consumption club license. House Committee on Finance refered unamended to House Committee of the Whole (3/20/17).

  • Prevent Marijuana Diversion to Illegal Market (HB17-1220): Aims to stop diversion of legal marijuana to the illegal market by limiting the number of plants that can be possessed or grown on a residential property to 12 plants, with 6 or fewer being mature. House third reading passed, no amendments (3/13/17).

  • Gray and Black Market Marijuana Enforcement Efforts (HB17-1221): Creates the grey and black market marijuana enforcement grant program in the division of local government in the department of local affairs, which will award grants to local governments to reimburse, in part or in full, for training, education, law enforcement and prosecution costs associated with grey and black marijuana markets. House Third Reading passed, no amendments (3/14/17).

Keep track of the latest legislative updates by utilizing the Colorado Capitol Watch Bill Tracker.

Membership Spotlight: Wana Brands:

“There have been numerous times when I would have either missed or misinterpreted a regulation that would have either put us out of compliance or would have cost us a huge amount of money.  Also the ability to reach out to other members to get their input on various issues has been invaluable.” - Nancy Whiteman, Co-Owner, Wana Brands

Click here to learn more about CBA Member Wana Brands


THC: This Has Cannabis Edibles PSA

CBA collaborated with Monte Content on a Public Service Campaign to educate consumers on the new THC label regulations for edibles. The intention is to simplify the THC acronym to “This Has Cannabis” making the warning understandable and ultimately prevent accidental ingestion. The video can be utilized at the point of sale in dispensaries and online. For more information on utilizing this PSA in-store and online, please contact   


CBA Issue Response to White House Remarks on Federal Crackdown

The White House threw the cannabis industry into turmoil  in February when Press Secretary Sean Spicer made negative comments about the regulation of adult use cannabis. The industry was quick to respond, including CBA Executive Director Mark Malone, who issued the following statement in response:

“Going after the legal marijuana industry would be a direct affront to the overwhelming numbers of Americans who have voted time after time to approve legal cannabis. The Cannabis industry is compliant, a job creator, and tax engine bringing state budgets out of the red and into the black. Republicans have core values that include belief in state rights and a free market. The same voters that have elected the current Administration continue to overwhelmingly support cannabis, as was evident in this fall’s Elections. President Trump has said that this is a State issue so we expect him to be true to his word and continue to let States regulate cannabis.”

Read the full statement here.


Media Coverage Highlights:

The CBA statement that was issued in response to the White House remarks regarding adult-use cannabis was picked up by over 30 media outlets including: Forbes, Leafly, Denver Business Journal, Crains Boston, Cannabis Business Times and Politico. Broadcast clips can be accessed here.

Other major media hits for the month include:


Industry Events:

Cannabis Business Executive Conference: Call For Proposals

Submissions for potential speakers and presentations are now being accepted for The Cannabis Business Executive Convention (CBEC)  (Jan. 10-12, 2018, Washington, D.C.). Deadline for proposals is April 28. More information can be found here.

CBEC is the cannabis industry's go-to gathering for education, networking, partnering, advocacy and more. The first-ever convention will be bringing together thousands of executives, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders to learn, connect, and advance the cannabis industry. CBEC is the place to accomplish business goals through educational programming, roundtable sessions, a robust exhibit hall, investor partnering meetings and more. Submissions are now being accepted for the below track sessions Submit your proposal by April 28 by visiting the website. Tracks include:

  • Banking and finance

  • Best practices

  • Business development

  • Industry standardization

  • International

  • Operations

  • Policy and legal

  • Science, technology and innovation