May marks the end of Colorado’s General Assembly 2017 Session. Key cannabis initiatives were passed throughout this session and the Cannabis Business Alliance continues to be actively engaged at the Capitol to ensure positive outcomes for our industry.  At the municipal level, the Denver City Council voted 11-2 in favor of extending dispensary operating hours from the close time of 7pm to 10pm. This  was a huge win for cannabis businesses, which deserve to be treated like any other retail establishment. Other session highlights can be found in our release, here.

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Why Join CBA?

  • Seat at the table: CBA offers cannabis license holders, vendors and ancillary companies a link between our members and the regulatory entities in Colorado, including the MED, CDPHE and Dept. of Ag. CBA members get real-me access to department and regulatory bodies to help inform their business decisions and keep an eye out for what’s coming down the pike.   

  • Policy & Regulations: CBA ulizes relationships with state lawmakers to introduce and change legislation that specifically impacts our members. CBA members can be proactive in the industry and impact legislation and regulations so that they can run their business more efficiently and effecvely.  

  • Networking opportunities: CBA offers an opportunity to learn from your peers and stay abreast of the latest technologies in the industry.


“What’s Happening on The Hill” Legislative Update:

  • Medical Marijuana License Issues (HB17‐1034): Concerning licensing changes to the medical marijuana code to align with the retail marijuana code. CBA successfully amended the bill to allow medical MIP to MIP transfers. Signed by the Governor.

  • Gray and Black Market Marijuana Enforcement Efforts (HB17‐1221): Creates the grey/black market marijuana enforcement grant program in the division of local government in the department of local affairs, which will award grants to local governments to reimburse for training, education, law enforcement & prosecution costs associated with grey/ black marijuana markets. Sent to the Governor on 5/2/17.

  • Prevent Marijuana Diversion to Illegal Market (HB17‐1220): Aims to stop diversion of legal marijuana to the illegal market by limiting the number of plants that can be possessed or grown on a residential property to 12 plants, with 6 or fewer being mature. Sent to the Governor on 5/2/17.

  • Authorize Marijuana Clinical Research (HB17‐1367): Allows for research and development of marijuana in Colorado by creating a marijuana research and development license for research purposes. Under the bill, a marijuana research and development licensee may contract with a public research institution of higher education or another marijuana research and development licensee. Passed both Houses, sent to the Governor.

  • Unlawful Marijuana Advertising Bill (SB17‐015): Makes advertising of an unlicensed marijuana product (ie, Craig’s List) a level 2 drug misdemeanor. Signed by the Governor on 4/4/17.

  • Medical Marijuana Inventory Shortfall Fixes (SB17‐111): The bill allows the department to determine the percentage, but limits them from going below 30 percent. A medical marijuana center may transfer medical marijuana to another medical marijuana center or medical marijuana infused product manufacturer if all direct beneficial owners of the licensed businesses are the same. Sent to the Governor.

  • Marijuana Business Efficiency Measures (SB17‐192): Allows businesses who have tested above the approved levels to retest the product a second time. Requires the MED to adjust the average market rate quarterly and creates another to tax retail flower used for extractions at a lower level than flower going right to dispensary shelves. Passed both Houses, sent to the Governor.


Keep track of the latest legislative updates by utilizing the Colorado Capitol Watch Bill Tracker.


Policy Press Release:

As the 2017 General Assembly Session comes to a close, the CBA applauds legislators for another productive session in regards to the continued regulation of the legal cannabis industry in Colorado. We’ve put together a roundup of the session highlights here.


Edibles Education: “Start Low, Go Slow” Fliers and Edibles Fact Sheet


Our number one priority has always been to keep consumers safe. As such, the CBA has developed an informational flier highlighting the  “Start Low, Go Slow”  mantra to educate consumer on edibles tolerance.

Interested in distributing the fliers at your business? Please contact to place your order.

In addition to the “Start Low, Go Slow” fliers, CBA has released an Edibles Fact Sheet with talking points on infused products, based on recent studies and legislative measures.


Membership Spotlight: Verts


“There’s such a diverse crowd of members in the CBA, all from different facets of the industry. Having this collective group of cannabis industry leaders to discuss tough topics with is invaluable.” - Dan Scott , General Manager, Verts

Click here to learn more about CBA Member Verts.


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Updated Mission Statement:

The Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA) encourages sensible policies that stimulate economic development and consumer transparency for the medical and retail marijuana industry. CBA promotes best business practices through advising and communicating with its members and other industry representatives, thereby invigorating the communities we serve. CBA also supports education and safety to further protect employees and purchasers within regulated marijuana commerce.