Peggy Moore

by ireadculture | December 29, 2015


Owner, Love’s Oven; Edibles Chair, Cannabis Business Alliance


When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis?

I became an advocate for cannabis in 2011 when I joined Love’s Oven as a partner. We were focused on medical cannabis at that time, and we were looking to serve patients through delivering high quality cannabis with small batch, home-style baked goods. I was interested in Love’s Oven’s philosophy to deliver medicine that was very clean. Love’s Oven’s method for THC extraction is a food-based extraction method, no solvents are used to extract THC into the butter. I viewed this as a healthy way to provide the medicine. In 2011, the medical aspects of the plant were just beginning to be understood, and we were also looking at marijuana as an alternative to alcohol and other relaxation products in the adult-use market. Of course, we successfully passed the adult-use law in November of 2012 and have now introduced the benefits of cannabis to a whole new market.


How has cannabis benefited your life? 

Personally, I am just an occasional user of cannabis. I find it useful for pain relief and relaxation, but it has benefited my life in other ways. Being a part of a burgeoning industry allowed me to step away from Corporate America, and to have an impact on many lives. Love’s Oven’s products have been embraced by many medical users as well as adult-use consumers who are really looking for a clean way to solve issues with pain, as well as relax.


What’s your greatest achievement for the cannabis cause?

I have had an opportunity to draw upon my mentoring skills to help others in the industry improve and become more proactive rather than reactive as issues arise. From an industry leadership perspective, in 2014 Love’s Oven implemented child resistant packaging for our products that is above and beyond what the laws require. We apply three layers of packaging for each of our multi serving products: Each individual serving is packaged in a poly bag, and each of those pieces go into a child resistant package, and then we put a tamper evident seal on that child resistant package. Since we put these safety measures into practice we have seen many others in the industry follow our lead.


Who do you look up to or admire?

Sue Sisley is a terrific advocate for medical marijuana research, and is doing really great work in that area. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment awarded her a $2 million grant for a planned study of marijuana for symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 76 U.S. veterans. This will be one of the first published studies on this very important issue.


If you could change one thing about the way cannabis is viewed and/or treated right now, what would it be?

I would change the fear mongering and the false claims that cannabis harms people. We need to continue to work with folks that don’t understand marijuana to educate and inform them.