By: Packaging Strategies

All eyes were on the cannabis industry this past year – its rapid growth and widespread acceptance amongst consumers and producers in the U.S. legitimized the plant as a key driver of many economies in communities across the nation.

Decision makers in states where marijuana has been declared legal have had to draft new rules and regulations concerning the growth, sale and packaging of cannabis and related products. Some could say the plant has even sparked a spirit of entrepreneurship among those looking to cash in on this evolving and expanding market. 

The proposed legalization of marijuana was the topic of much conversation in influential swing states like Ohio, and while the initiative ultimately failed in the Buckeye State, it has prompted discussion of new ideas and ways to go about legalizing and regulating cannabis statewide. This is especially important for cannabrands, as they will no longer face the potential for big businesses to monopolize the industry and crush the creative concepts and innovative products that set one brand apart from the others.

Looking ahead to 2016, companies in states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use and/or medicinal purposes will have a new set of concerns and proposals to keep in mind to allow their brand to stand out in a marketplace that will continue to grow and potentially overflow.

Education and consumer protection have been chief concerns throughout the marijuana industry over the last year, and cannabis packaging has played a significant role in keeping users safe and informed. The Cannabis Business Alliance has outlined several predictions for the industry this year, many of which tie back to the importance of proper labeling and a keen understanding of how to package marijuana.

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