At the Cannabis Business Alliance, we value our members. Get to know them and learn about why they chose to join CBA in our new Member Spotlight features!

Why did you join CBA?
Craft joined the CBA because it was a cost effective way to keep our ear to the ground regarding new rules and regulations. It also afforded us the opportunity to have a voice in the evolution of the industry.

What are the tangible benefits of the membership?
Besides the insider knowledge you gain as a CBA member, the relationships between the members is a huge benefit. We are about to launch an edible line and so many CBA members where there for us to bounce ideas off of. They were more than willing to talk about some of their issues when they first started out, we even toured some of their facilities. It is a true membership at the CBA. Although we are in competition with one another, it certainly does not feel that way, you can put any issue out there and get great feedback.

How has your CBA membership saved you money, prevented you from making a mistake, provided you with a network etc.
Besides our wholesale lines of Panacea and Sesh, Craft does a lot of processing for dispensaries. We pride ourselves in giving the dispensary a fully compliant package, in order to due so we have to assure strict compliance to rules and regulations that normally do not apply to concentrate companies. The CBA and its membership aided us in not only knowing what packaging was needed but gave us realistic and practical issues that arise in the dispensary business. Additionally, because we were able to know and fully understand changes to the rules and regulations, which happen every year, we are able to more efficiently purchase materials from our vendors and we were able to make a smooth transition once the new rules and regulations came into effect.

Why is it important to be involved in the industry?
The cannabis industry is extremely fluid, it is constantly changing and growing. Not only around rule making months, but all months. It is such an advantage to know the rumblings on the hill and have a representative there to advocate on behalf of your company and the industry as a whole.

Customers say:
"Hi! My name's Carlos and I work for a local dispensary in Northern Colorado. Just wanted to drop a quick line and say that I love your guys' products. We carry a lot of Craft wax and Shatter and many of our customers love the quality and taste."

"Hi my name is Casey and I'm the medical floor manager at Infinite Wellness in Fort Collins. I just wanted to let you guys know that the last batch of Panacea you guys sent us was amazing. If there is anyway we can help you promote your product let me know! And keep up the good work!"

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