Marc Graboyes, CEO and Co-Founder, Next Frontier Biosciences



Why did you join CBA?

  • CBA has begun an important dialogue on cannabis education and sensible policy, advocating for the same values that we stand for at Next Frontier Biosciences: supporting consumer safety, promoting transparency, elevating the role of cannabis in the business economy, and supporting our communities while establishing respect for the industry as a whole. As a cannabis company launching our new product line in Colorado, Next Frontier wanted to insert ourselves into the critical conversation CBA is spearheading and play an active role in pursuing these mutual goals, while offering a unique area of expertise in biotechnology and scientific formulation. As a CBA member, we are kept abreast of the latest regulatory and policy issues that could have enormous impact on our business.


What are the tangible benefits of the membership?

  • Above all, we value the opportunity that CBA has provided to make our voice heard when it comes to the cannabis regulations that impact our business. Knowing how policy might affect our day-to-day business activities is key in this industry, and CBA ensures that its members are kept informed and able to weigh in on legislation that is coming down the pike. In addition, becoming a member of CBA has allowed us to stay in the loop when it comes to industry events, governmental working groups, as well as other initiatives. It has also helped us gain company visibility within the industry--even before our product line launched.


Examples on how the membership has saved you money, prevented you from making a mistake, provided you with a network etc.

  • CBA has introduced us to a network of industry leaders where we’re able to discuss and share best practices. The cannabis sector is nascent , and as such, there are still challenges in testing and labeling regulations that must be addressed in order for the industry to be successful. Within this network of business leaders, we are able to put our heads together to tackle and generate solutions to these issues, working toward fostering consumer trust and positioning the world of cannabis as the sophisticated industry that it is.


Why is it important to be involved in the industry?

  • The cannabis industry is  rapidly evolving, but the companies within it must ensure that growth is moving in a positive direction, toward constructive change that will help keep the public safe and educated. Being actively involved and having a strong voice in the conversation is absolutely essential for conveying the benefits that cannabis can provide while educating consumers about safe and responsible consumption.