Why did you join CBA?

Due to how busy we all are on a daily basis in this fledgling industry, communication of urgent industry applicable issues seems to be a common struggle. Joining CBA was an easy way to quell that issue and to better build relationships with other industry professionals. CBA allows us to stay abreast of regulatory and legislative changes in the marijuana realm. CBA facilitates our ability to communicate with regulators as well as other industry leaders. As one of the many pioneers in this industry it is important to communally be able to take part in industry change and development.

What are the tangible benefits of the membership?

Most of the benefits that we enjoy from the CBA are intangible. There are numerous benefits that can be applied to many aspects of business. 

  • Open lines of communication with industry leaders and professionals.
  • The ability to influence policies and legislation being written regarding Marijuana.
  • An overall camaraderie.  Knowing that we are all in the same fight and want similar things to change or not to change within the industry. Being able to provide each other with different knowledge and/or services that could prove fruitful for all of our businesses.
  • Joining the CBA has been a key component to being an integral part of the MJ Community.

Examples on how the membership has saved you money, prevented you from making a mistake, provided you with a network etc.

Being ahead of potential regulatory and legislative changes allows us to properly plan for contingencies and has saved us money by allowing us to forecast various possible changes and their likely outcomes. The knowledge prevents us from making mistakes that would incur costly infractions. Whether it is labeling, transporting, or producing material in our industry we are extremely scrutinized and it is easy for even the most professional company to make a mistake. Being prevalent in Colorado's marijuana industry it is critical to communicate with each other. Even though we may see each other as competition it is key that we work together and voice our opinions on issues to ensure a positive progression of changes in our industry as it will affect us all.

Why is it important to be involved in the industry?

We are all individual entities when it comes to our businesses. Being a part of the CBA allows us to join a huddle and come up with a solid game plan moving forward with new regulatory changes.  Colorado is the poster child for marijuana regulation nationally.  We as an industry need to make sure we set the bar high for other prospective states that look to follow in our image in order to protect the future of our industry. The best way to ensure favorable change happens within our industry, is for all of us to actually be a part of it.