Why did you join CBA?

The marijuana infused products industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, and along the way we have been faced with some legislation that created a variety of challenges for business owners. I joined this collaborative group to be part of the process of shaping this new industry in a way that protects public safety while not placing undue burden on businesses.  Being a CBA member gives you a seat at the table.

What are the tangible benefits of the membership?

CBA offers its members  a number of benefits including industry meetings, lobbying communications services, voter’s guides, and event listings.  However, one of the most valuable benefits of being a member, in my opinion, is the opportunity to get to know like-minded people in the industry, and unite in a very important purpose - to advocate with our government for sensible and collaborative public policy, which protects employees, patients, and clients of the medical and retail marijuana industry.  I’ve made friends and met new business associates through my CBA membership that has enhanced my personal and professional life.

Examples on how the membership has saved you money, prevented you from making a mistake, provided you with a network etc.

There have been numerous times when I would have either missed or misinterpreted a regulation that would have either put us out of compliance or would have cost us a huge amount of money.  Also the ability to reach out to other members to get their input on various issues has been invaluable.

Why is it important to be involved in the industry?

I view involvement with CBA as not only part of my duty and responsibility to the community around me, but also in part as an  opportunity to “pay it forward” and contribute to the industry which has embraced and welcomed me for the past six years as an entrepreneur. I joined CBA to help promote values that enhance the cannabis industry’s role in the state’s business economy, build respect for the industry in our community, and support client and patient access, education and safety.   

Anything else you would like to add?

Our lobbyist has been incredibly effective in representing our concerns and preferences and has been instrumental in shaping legislation in many ways that have benefited the industry. Because of her success, all cannabis business owners, whether they know it or not, are all benefiting from the investment that CBA’s members are making through their association dues.  I really encourage other businesses to do their share in supporting a safe and appropriately regulated industry through a CBA membership.