The Cannabis Business Alliance is organized to promote the common business interests of its members through:

  • Advocacy – CBA advocates for policies which stimulate economic development and ensures a practicable regulatory framework for the medical and retail marijuana industry by serving as the voice of its members before relevant local, state and national governing bodies;
  • Information Access -  CBA provides up to the minute information and analysis on the latest federal, state and local developments critical to our members’ success;
  • Best Practices - CBA is committed to educating, advising and communicating with our members on industry best practices; and,
  • Business-to-Business Networking – CBA hosts business events and social activities to promote and enhance members’ business successes.


What We Do

Promoting an Industry Best Practices Model for Self-Regulation

Government regulation alone will not quell public concerns with the recreational and medical marijuana industry nor create trust with elected officials, regulators, and members of the communities in which we serve. The Cannabis Business Alliance works with all sectors of the marijuana industry to develop and advance an industry Best Practices Model. CBA’s Best Practices Model demonstrates that credible, accountable, transparent self-regulation programs, based upon Best Practices and working in concert with state and local regulations, works to advance the shared interests of our clients, our patients and our businesses.

The founding members of the CBA are:

Good Chemistry
Mountain Medicine
Patients Choice of Colorado
Good Meds Network
Natural Remedies
Denver Relief
The Releaf Center
Wellspring Collective
Amarimed/Dr. Alan Shackelford
Hoban & Feola, LLC

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