Zion Medicinals Review

Zion Medicinals Review
8.4 Total Score
  • Highly potent products
  • A great extraction process used
  • Products tested by third-party labs

If CBD tinctures melt your heart, then we have a great item of news today for you – Zion Medicinals has your back covered.

However, that typically doesn’t mean that they deal in tinctures only. There is an enormous range of products. Thankfully, these products harbor significant cannabinoids; thus, you won’t miss any of their associated benefits.

Should you first-ever start taking CBD products from Zion Medicinals, make a transition, and start shopping from them, or you should look for a different company?

That is all that this Zion Medicinals Review has to offer. Be sure to follow to the latter as we debunk every detail to entirety.

About Zion Medicinals

Brian Caruso founded Zion Medicinals. This was after his wife had chronic Lyme Disease. She also had physical pain and insomnia, but most pharmaceutical drugs didn’t seem to help.

Brian decided to go natural and settled on both CBD and hemp oil. That’s how he ended up coming with his CBD brand – Zion Medicinals in mid-2017.

It’s located in New Hampshire.

As it is relatively new, there are no much details about this company. However, we can nod that for the year or so they have been in business, we can note that they are making great strides.

As of the moment, they use the Spagyric Extraction method to extract their CBD from hemp plant matter. They have, nonetheless, explained this processing technique on their homepage.  

Unlike most CBD manufacturers who use modern extraction methods like CO2 extraction, Zion Medicinals is among those few who still adopt this old technique – Spagyric Extraction.

We will see about the quality of their products after they use this extraction method later on.

Zion Medicinals Products

While using the Spagyric Extraction method, Zion Medicinals deals in:

  • Hemp oils
  • Hemp salves
  • Hemp soaps.

Their hemp oils come in250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg and 1500mg concentrations, while their salve sticks come in 250mg, and 500mg.

Quality of the products

They use an ancient extraction method – we know. However, that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective, or it gives poor-quality products.

That’s not the case, at least with Zion Medicinals. “Every batch we make is 3rd party tested for potency, terpenes, pesticides, and mycotoxins,” according to them.

They only use organically grown hemp from the nutritious soils of Colorado to ensure the end products aren’t affected by toxic materials like lead.

The best thing is that one can quickly determine the quality of the products in the third-party lab reports that they display on their website.

Upon the completion of the manufacturing process, we agree that their way of packaging their goods is fantastic. They use discreet and neat packs to give quality assurance to the customers.

As we can see from their customers’ reviews, most of them, if not all, are favorable. That sends a cool gesture about the quality of their products, at least according to us.

User experience

We decided to look into their praised CBD tincture. Well, we all have different tastes and preferences. Thanks to their extraction method, this CBD tincture maintains the natural aroma and flavor of hemp.

While to some, it can be a game-changer, others may like it more when the product had a lowly concentrated aroma.

All in all, flavor and aroma have nothing to do with the efficiency and quality of a Cannabidiol product.

After purchasing the tincture, you will undoubtedly agree that it gives the replica of any hemp oil. It will replay in your mind that you have seen a hemp product due to their green coloring matter and the somewhat clear texture.

One doesn’t have to worry about the dosage of the tincture as they have described how to go about in realizing one achieves their expectations.

Present cannabinoids

Zion Medicinals are committed to ensuring the consumer gets the best CBD bioavailability (the rate at which CBD gets absorbed along with the bloodstream).

That said, in addition to Cannabidiol, their tincture also harbors:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – up to 0.3%
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabinol (CBC)
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDV).

Prices of the products



Hemp Oils

$20 – $251.24

Hemp Salves

$64.99 – $251.24

Hemp Soap



They also offer the prompt to order products in subscription terms. In each of their CBD tincture bottles, it contains 30ml of oil.

A 750ml bottle costs $129.99 as of the moment when one makes a one-time purchase. A 1500mg bottle, on the other hand, costs $225.

On a subscription basis, the former goes for $99 while the latter goes for $170.

How do the price and value compare?

The Spagyric Extraction method is more expensive than most other techniques. Surprisingly, scavenging through the Zion Medicinals website, we got shocked to find that their products are coming at such affordable prices.

Going by the fact that they are still young in the industry, we can only say that the value of their products and the prices complement each other.

We can’t, however, fail to say that their tincture is among the priciest in the CBD market. Doesn’t price and value go hand-in-hand, anyway?

What we like about Zion Medicinals

  • Highly potent products
  • A great extraction process used
  • Products tested by third-party labs

What we don’t like about Zion Medicinals

  • No information about shipping and delivery as of the moment.

Customer support

Those who have concerns about their products or in the dire situation to seek clarification about any product can contact them by calling them toll-free at 833-946-6633 or drafting a message on their site.


We know you have heard and read about the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. You could have tried CBD as well, yes, but it may have lacked the needful bioavailability.

With the hemp oil products from Zion Medicinals, you can inevitably get all the necessary benefits, thanks to its string cannabinoid profile.

The ball is now in your court. We believe that this review has helped you big time in knowing whether to spend a few bucks purchasing from Zion Medicals or not.

8.4 Total Score
Zion Medicinals Review

If CBD tinctures melt your heart, then we have a great item of news today for you – Zion Medicinals has your back covered.

Company Background
  • Highly potent products
  • A great extraction process used
  • Products tested by third-party labs
  • No information about shipping and delivery as of the moment.
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