King Kalm CBD Review

King Kalm CBD Review
8.3 Total Score
  • Excellent CBD products
  • Only natural ingredients get used in manufacturing
  • Well-detailed site.

As a person who loves their furry friend, you can absolutely agree with us that their wellness and health in general matters to your happiness.

However much most pharmaceutical drugs don’t work in guaranteeing fantastic results, Cannabidiol (CBD) shows promising effects on pets, at least according to most users. 

Thankfully, team King Kanine realized the same and made great strides in ensuring there were available CBD products tailored explicitly for pet health.

This now prompts us to dive into details and see this King Kalm Review. Do you desperately need the products for your pets, or you should search elsewhere? Let’s see.

About King Kalm CBD

King Kanine Company owns the King Kalm CBD products, and it was launched in 2015. Jeff Riman is the founder and CEO of King Kanine.

They launched its first-ever product, the King Komb, for solving massive shedding. The product then evolved shortly and became a piece of multi-purpose cleaning equipment.

In the quest to incorporate both organic and natural products, it is when our product in discussion got discovered.

King Kalm CBD oil contains pure CBD and Arctic Krill Oil. The manufacturers categorically state that they create King Kalm CBD oil that they can use on their pets, thus assuring you that they are beneficial to your pets.

In 2018, King Kanine won the Pet Business 2018 award for the best pet CBD products. Jeff says they at King Kanine focus not on a ton of products but a ton of quality.

Today, King Kalm CBD products get manufactured in a GMP Certified, ISO-9001 Certified facility, and that which is FDA registered.

King Kalm CBD products

King Kalm CBD has different assortments, all of which harbor high amounts of Cannabidiol. These include:

  • Topicals
  • CBD balms
  • CBD oil
  • CBD treats
  • Sprays

CBD oil bottles come in different volumes, which means the dosage varies from a pet to the other. For instance, small-sized pets that weight 20lbs and below need a 75mg bottle.

That said, in 1ml, they can only take 2.5mg of CBD. More on the dosage is covered here.

Quality: King Kalm CBD

High-quality products, and especially those meant for pets, ought to be nature-oriented.  

The entire line of King Kalm CBD products comes from organically grown hemp plants. After extracting the necessary plant parts, they go further and ensure that the products lack any traces of psychoactive effects.

Honestly, you don’t need your pet to get altered mental consciousness, really. King Kanine uses the CO2 extraction method to garner their pure CBD from the plant matter.

That way, the products made thereafter are of the desired quality and those that maintain the desired ingredients to aid in maintaining the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

The top-shelf hemp extract used in making these products available necessitates the sobriety of the pets as they start and stay in the CBD journey.

Their CBD oil comes in four different strengths. That is, 75mg, 150mg, 300mg and 600mg. They use 30ml bottles to pack the oil.

It gets easier to get your desired quality CBD-potency wise depending on the severity of the pet’s conditions, and its age.

To make the buyers even more confident in King Kalm CBD, King Kanine displays the lab results on their site. The shopper can click any of their desired product, whereby they get directed to the Certificate of Analysis and the Full-panel results.

In short, King Kalm CBD products are safe for your pets’ consumption.

Pets’ experience

According to the manufacturers, King Calm CBD products come in the natural flavors of hemp. These flavors tend to be attractive to most pets; thus, they take their dosages pretty well.

In the case of the CBD oil, it has omega-3 krill oil and a lavender sensation. This makes the pets feel more calming effects after consuming the product.

The krill oil is rich in high quantities of omega-3; thus, it gives the pets its associated therapeutic and anti-oxidant properties.

There are pets that like any medication provided, a piece of syringe gets used. There are others which are the exact opposite.

King Kanine had all these types in mind and give pet owners an oral syringe in each box. Pets that shun away from syringes can get any of the products via infusing it in food. 

Present cannabinoids

In addition to CBD, Hempod vape CBD oil also harbors Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabinol (CBN) in their full-spectrum product, especially the CBD tincture oil.

The CBD tincture oil also has up to 0.3% THC. 

We noted that this combination of cannabinoids could be responsible for making the time for getting the effects relatively shorter.

The isolate and 300mg vape pods lack any trace of other cannabinoids, including THC.

Prices of the Products

King Kalm CBD products get manufactured from broad-spectrum CBD oil. That said, the products lack any traces of THC.

How do the price and value compare?

As an award-winning brand, King Kanine sells its King Kalm CBD products. They pass through quite several processes, like using organically grown hemp, extracting broad-spectrum oil, and tweaking it to come up with a plethora of CBD products.

We, however, can’t dispute that there are other CBD brands out there who manufacture CBD products for pets and sell them at lower prices.

About the comparison between the value of their products and their pricing, we can comfortably say that King Kalm CBD products are definitely worth every cent.

In case of dissatisfaction, the customer can get a 30-day back guarantee

Shipping and Delivery

King Kanine company freely ships all domestic orders above $100. The transit time takes anywhere between two and four business days.

  • Excellent CBD products
  • Only natural ingredients get used in manufacturing
  • Well-detailed site.
CONS: Hempod
  • King Kalm CBD products are relatively expensive.

Customer support

All concerns get addressed via and dialing 833-546-4738.


King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD products are safe and meet the quality thresholds that any pet can be comfortable in taking. Honestly, their transparency is out of this world.

As of the moment, few sites and companies display their Full-Panel lab tests. That point should help you in reaching to the conclusion that purchasing King Kalm CBD gives value for every cent.

As we wrap up this King Kalm Review, we believe that you are in a position to know where to look for your pet’s solution – King Kanine.

8.3 Total Score
King Kalm CBD Review

This now prompts us to dive into details and see this King Kalm Review. Do you desperately need the products for your pets, or you should search elsewhere? Let's see.

Company Background
  • Excellent CBD products
  • Only natural ingredients get used in manufacturing
  • Well-detailed site.
  • King Kalm CBD products are relatively expensive.
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