Cannabis marketing: How to promote your business

Currently, cannabis is legal in 10 states and in Washington DC in the United States. Now that more and more states (and countries) are trying to legalize it, the cannabis industry is growing. By 2025, the global legal marijuana market is expected to reach $ 66.3 billion. In addition, an average annual growth of 23.9% is expected.

Growth of the cannabis industry. Marketing of cannabis.

However, there are many rules and regulations in the cannabis industry. For this reason, the marketing of cannabis is complex. Before analyzing the best cannabis marketing strategies, let’s look at some of the problems.

The first problem with the marketing of cannabis is that it is not legal everywhere. In some US states., Marijuana is legal only in certain jurisdictions. Your target audience is, therefore, very limited. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The main concern is that most social media platforms have restrictions on the commercialization of cannabis. Vee Popat, founder of the marketing company, said in an interview that the cannabis market is completely gray. He added that it was difficult to develop a marketing plan because the approved content of this sector was very unpredictable.

Google has blocked CBD ads. That is why one of the most important forms of online advertising is automatically discarded. After certain information, Google implements a test program to test the marketing of cannabis. Even if the program is successful, the use of the term “CBD” is not allowed. This term refers to cannabidiol, the active substance contained in cannabis.

In the advertising policies of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the CBD is not explicitly mentioned. However, they prohibit the promotion of drugs or drug-related items.

CBD ads marketing of cannabis

YouTube is a bit lenient. Although the Community Guidelines do not say anything clear about the marketing of cannabis, it is said that harmful content is prohibited. This is a vague guideline. So what does that mean? If you post medical marijuana on YouTube, it should be good. Otherwise not

The Reddit Content Policy states that you cannot publish content that promotes illegal activities. However, cannabis content is not directly specified. Reddit’s advertising policy states that the sale of drugs or recreational use is prohibited.

Pinterest does not allow ads that promote the use or sale of drugs for recreational or illegal purposes. However, the social media platform is open to promoting cannabis by-products that contain only CBD and that do not contain THC or hemp.

How to apply cannabis products online

How can you promote cannabis products with so many restrictions? The first thing to remember is that you should tread lightly. If you do not follow the rules, you run the risk of being excluded from social networks.

The only way to combat restrictions is to deal creatively with the marketing of cannabis. Here are some strategies to help you reach your target market:

1. Focus on education, not sales

Cannabis is not yet widespread in society. Many people are not aware of the benefits and their use. If you want to do more conversions, you must first work to increase cannabis awareness.

Your content marketing strategy should focus on creating content that can inform the masses. According to a study by Conductor, consumers are 131% more likely to buy a product after reading educational content.

This allows not only to advertise the product, but also to advertise in social media. As mentioned above, some platforms allow educational content.

Take a look at Leafly’s Instagram page. It is one of the largest cannabis sites in the world. And they produce informative, educational and innovative content.

Her Instagram page shows different ways to use cannabis. They also publish news about the cannabis industry.

2. Become a member of online communities

Advertising for cannabis products is illegal on Facebook. In 2018, however, Facebook changed community standards to make cannabis brands more welcome. Now users can use the search option to find sites linked to cannabis.

You can create your own community or page or join an existing one. You can seize this opportunity by placing links to educational content. You need to focus on creating an audience of like-minded people without directly advertising your products.

They can organize polls, AMA sessions and share infographics to generate involvement in these communities.

3. Work with influencers

The support of an influencer can strongly influence public opinion. So you can collaborate with cannabis influencers to reach a wider audience.

Find influential people who really believe in legalizing cannabis to work together. When working with influential people with similar values, you are more likely to communicate with people interested in your product.

Take for example Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and influential US health. She is a respected voice in the medical community. That’s why it would be perfect to market marijuana for medical purposes.

4. Work on your SEO strategy

SEO is the best choice for cannabis marketing. There are no restrictions and you can get more visibility online. In fact, several agencies are working specifically on search engine optimization for cannabis.

If you have a cannabis pharmacy or a company that sells cannabis products, you must create a profile in Google My Business. Google finds it easier to understand what your business offers. In addition, your listing can also be displayed on Google Maps.

You can use platforms like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find relevant keywords and find out what people are looking for. Based on this, you can include keywords in your blog posts and on your website ….

5. Use affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to promote your cannabis products without spending a lot of money. All you have to do is specify the details of the affiliate program on your website.

Then you can hire commission sellers. You can also contact influential people or join connected networks to reach cannabis users.


The commercialization of cannabis is a difficult problem. All social media platforms have some restriction on cannabis advertising. If you want to grow your cannabis brand, you must change your perspective on social media marketing.

Instead of selling, focus on product knowledge and community building. Work with influencers and work on your SEO to ensure better visibility online.

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